Shelf Merchandising Checks

Shelf Merchandising Checks

Retailers/CPG Brands track SKU visibility on the shelf. Maintaining the right SKUs on the right place at the right time is always a challenge with manual efforts. To overcome the same, image recoginiton plays an important role. Get complete visibility of SKUs on the shelf on the click of an image and take corrective actions accordingly for an ideal arrangement.

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Why Shelf Merchandising Checks?


More accurate maintenance
as per planned POG


Reduction in
loss due to OSS


less manual work for
ground staff

How does it work?

work 1

Take Picture

Our xtract app manages tasks for ground staff and lets them capture images with proper guidance so that high quality images are captured. Shelf cameras can also be installed to capture the images and upload to xtract server.

Image Recognition

On cloud, SKU recognition engine receives the images to extract SKU information from the image. Once images are processed, various KPIs are calculated, some of which are mentioned below -

  • OOS
  • SOS
  • Compliance score
  • Empty Space
  • Competitor presence

work 2
work 3

Corrective Actions

Based on the KPIs, users also receive actionable insights to take corrective actions and make a planogram compliance score of a 100%.

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