We enable/enhance online & offline Visual Merchandising

          for consumer goods companies.

Image recognition for the retail shelf

More efficient, more accurate.

We combine computer vision and deep learning technology to detect shelf, promotional displays and SKUs on the shelf to make sure the shelf planogram is compliant. The shelf health calculation includes empty space detection and presence of unknown SKUs on the shelf. The solution is devised to work both for modern and general trade stores.

Our solution helps our customer increase their in-store execution efficiency by 40%.

  • Detection accuracy.
  • Faster turn around time.
  • Scaling to millions of images in no time.
  • Varieties of KPIs to choose.

Online visual merchandising

Augmented reality experience

With our 3D scanner app/SDK, we convert images into 3D models optimized for AR experience. On the go, consumer goods companies use the platform to generate AR links and embed that in online portals for better consumer experience.

The next-gen visual merchandising with no effort.

  • AR Experience.
  • WebAR link to embed anywhere.
  • Images to 3D models.
  • Cost-effective 3D modeling.

Our Product

  • xTract
  • xLens
  • xPerience

Task management system

Automated task assignment to the field executives and closing of task when shelf reaches good health.

Share of shelf

Share of shelf by size, by facings, by time to give an actual share of SKUs/Sub-category/Sub-brand.

Out of stock

Out of stock percentage of SKUs/Sub-category/Sub-brand.

Availability on shelf

SKU available count on the shelf with an indication of discrepancy in number of SKUs required to maintain compliance.

Planogram compliance

A score that depicts the status of shelf wrt the planogram compliance.

Unknown SKUs detection

Detects any unknown SKU which is not part of the current planogram design.

POSM visibility

Detection of Display/POSMs available in the store and also points out if there are any missing stips.

3D Scanner app

Creating 3D models of real-world objects has always been tough but now using the 3D Scanner app one can scan any real-world object and convert it to 3D model automatically. Place the object in center and start capturing images or recording video by orbiting around the target. Scan the object from different angles and the object will be automatically converted to photo-realistic 3D model.

How to make 3D model

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3D Scanner Pro App Review

Making a 3D model of an object is not as hard as it sounds anymore. There is an amazing app to scan anything and convert it into 3D. We can’t get enough of 3D Scanner Pro, it provides everything for successful scanning and projecting. Start using it directly after downloading the app. Simply put the object in the center and rotate your phone around it. It will capture two angles of the object and create a perfect 3D copy for you. 3D Scanner Pro applies photogrammetry in order to get the best results
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